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Exemplar Audio
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Marriott Tower - Level 2 ~ 2003

Exemplar Audio

Exemplar Audio
Everett, Washington
United States

The world class designs of John Tucker continue to challenge the limits found in Digital  audio today. His dac's, dac/pre, Red book CD player and Blue ray players  represent the best available music reproduction in 2009. Coming to this show is the new Winston Ma Tribute Series. Equipment capable of showing you the most from the world finest recordings.

We have our blue-ray players outputs six channel of world class musical performance.

Our Dac's compete with the best digital in the world . At a fraction of there cost.

John also has revolutionary tube designs. His preamps are class A , no-feedback designs. With incredible power supply design .He will luanch a all out attack on the SE amp. Look in the future for the SE Tube amp with bass as good as it's midrange!