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Soundstring Cable Technologies, LLC
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Soundstring Cable Technologies, LLC

Soundstring Cable Technologies, LLC
South Norwalk, Connecticut
United States

Soundstring Cable Technologies, LLC is a prime manufacturer of very high performance power supply cords, speaker, interconnect, microphone, subwoofer, HDMI, 75 ohm digital coaxial cables and USB cables for High-End Audio. 

At the 2012 RMAF, our sound system will feature our newest high performance GEN II Platinum Series Power, Interconnect and Speaker Cables, and our "SE" Special Edition GEN II Platinum Series Power, Speaker and Interconnect Cables featuring a special non-metallic RF woven inner shield. 

We will also display our original Tricormaxial and GEN II standard and "SE" Special Edition Platinum Series of international power supply cords featuring Furutech plugs with 24 Kt. gold contacts and our original, highly acclaimed and patented Tricormaxial Power Supply and Speaker Cables and Octaphase Interconnect and Microphone cables.    

We own a 35,000 sq. ft. factory in CT where we design, manufacture, assemble, test, package and ship our products to all domestic and international markets. We are manufacturers in the truest sense of the word. All of our products are made from the basic raw materials (copper & insulating plastics) to the finished products we sell. We do our own extrusion, cabling, braiding, cutting, terminating, molding, packaging and shipping. No middlemen are involved to inflate costs. Our goal is to provide you with the finest performance, quality and service at realistic and affordable pricing.

With over 134 years of combined experience among our principals, we have manufactured more than 5 billion feet of over 100 types of insulated wires, cables and power cords since 1945. We are one of the oldest privately owned and operated insulated wire, cable and power cord manufacturers in continuous operation worldwide.

Please visit with us on the 10th floor of the Marriott Tower in Room #1002. We look forward to meeting you and to discussing our products with you. This year, our exhibit room will feature a very fine sound system featuring the highly acclaimed Nola Contender Speakers powered by an Acoustic Research Corp. VSi60 Integrated Tube Amp and CD5 Digital Stereo CD Player and a Silver Circle Audio Power Conditioner fully wired with Soundstring's GEN II Platinum Series Cables and "SE" Special Edition Power Cords. 

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We also invite you to visit the exhibit suite our RMAF sound system partners: 

Nola Loudspeakers  -  Level 2, Room #2021

Silver Circle Audio - Mezzanine Level 5 - Room #541

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In addition, our products will be featured at: 

Sonic Studio - Amarra - Mezzanine Suite #505