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San Pedro, California
United States

Audio SUMMA selectively represents the following high performance audio manufacturers of premium quality loudspeakers, vacuum tube and solid-state amplifiers/preamplifiers, analog (vinyl) and digital source components, cables, and vibration isolation products for stereo (2-channel), and home theatre (multi-channel) audio systems:

Silverline Audio ( - high-end, premium quality loudspeakers for every enthusiast at affordable, sensible, realistic prices.  Silverline Audio loudspeakers are elegantly designed and superbly built for years of quality audio performance and enjoyment, and are time aligned to produce beautiful, non-fatiguing, musical sound;

(Debuting the new Sonatina MkIV; Prelude, Minuet)

Blue Circle Audio ( - custom & hand-made-to-order pre-amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, amplifiers, phonostages, DAC's, and power conditioners/filters for every audiophile employing world renowned high current power supply designs that produce noise-free backgrounds and allow you to hear the full richness of your recorded music;

(BC109CP1 Solid-State Preamplifier,  BC509 DAC, Peed Al Sea (PLC) Thingee, MR-1200 Music Ring)

Conrad-Johnson ( – legendary tube amplifiers designed by Conrad-Johnson Design, including the new LP66S2 60WPC (6550) vacuum tube amplifier with upgraded driver section inspired by CJ's ART amplifier;

(LP-66S2 (6550) push-pull vacuum tube amplifier)

Parasound ( – legendary solid-state amplifiers and preamplifiers designed by John Curl and CTC Builders, and used by movie and sound studios alike, including the JC 2 preamplifier voted the Stereophile and The Absolute Sound, “Product of the Year;”

(A 23 solid-state 125WPC (@8ohms) amplifiers)

Brown Electronic Labs (BEL)

( - Keeping the legacy of Mr. Richard D. Brown alive and his venerable and unequaled BEL "The Wire" Maximum Transferance Cable which is designed to transfer wide-bandwidth signals (hear all of the music!);

(BEL "The Wire" S-24 Speaker Cable, BEL "The Wire" P-1 Interconnects, and BEL "The Wire" D-1 Digital Interconnect)

Tri-Planar Precision Tonearm ( – the celebrated and unequaled Tri-Planar Precision tonearm that completely addresses all three planes of tonearm geometry with their unique “dual-pivot” design offering maximum adjustability and “watch-like” precision;

(Tri-Planar Precision Tonearm)

Analysis Plus Cables ( - interconnects and speaker cables that utilize AP's patented Hollow Oval Design to convey a clean, clear, neutral, smooth, and non-fatiguing sound that is preferred by audiophiles and musicians alike;

(Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects, Solo Crystal Oval 8 Speaker Cables, and Black Oval 9 Speaker Cables)  

EquaRack Isolation Products ( - engineered isolation products that are simple, convenient, and work!

(EquaRack Footers and Speaker Mounts)