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Oslo, Oslo

All HEGEL products are designed in-house by HEGEL in Norway, based on technology not commonly found in music systems.

The HEGEL SoundEngine™ audio modules are protected by a patent, and they are manufactured and tested in Norway.

The design platform is deeply rooted in advanced scientific research, utilizing the latest research results within professional broadcast technology, telecommunication technology, semiconductor technology and high frequency technology.

From painstaking research, HEGEL holds the secret to its amazing sound reproduction- available exclusively from HEGEL.

HEGEL SoundEngine™ Amplifier Technology 
A common problem in high quality sound systems is that the audio signal is distorted on its way from the input to output. HEGEL has designed a unique dynamic error cancelling system called SoundEngine™ Technology, that eliminates this weakness found in all audio amplifiers using serial connected amplifier blocks. Hegel has received a patent for the SoundEngine™ technology.

The SoundEngine™ technology is only used in HEGEL products.

HEGEL CD-Player Technology 
HEGEL is using CD-decoder boards designed by HEGEL to get the best possible audio signal quality, low jitter Master Clock generators designed by HEGEL, SyncroDAC fully balanced digital to analog converters designed by HEGEL and linear phase Line Driver output stage technology designed by HEGEL.   

All these new and unique CD-player technologies are designed in-house by HEGEL.