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beyerdynamic Inc.
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Rocky Mountain Event Center ~ C6

beyerdynamic Inc.

beyerdynamic Inc.
Farmingdale, New York
United States

beyerdynamic is a German manufacturer of high quality audio products for over 80 years. The Company specializes in headphones, headsets, microphones, conference systems,  multimedia and gaming products for the global audio market. The U.S headquarters is located in Farmingdale, NY and the main office is in Heilbronn, Germany. 

Our range of products include headphones, headsets plus the unique Headzone Virtual Sound Sound headphone system. The new award winning Tesla product range continues to peform with the NEW T70 and T70p as well as the T1, T5p and T50p models. NEW T50P Manufaktur -- design your own custom model on our web site and have it built especially for you in Germany! Also, MMX 300, high-end multimedia gaming headset and the Premium Product range includes 32, 250 and 600 impedance headphones for the DT 880 and DT 990 models for mobile MP3 and home audio. In addition, our virtual 5.1 system, Headzone with Headtracking, Headzone Home and Headzone Game. 

You wont want to miss seeing our  “Create Your Own Headphone” configuator "Manufaktur" located on our  web site. Customize and design you own personal headphone or MMX300 multi media/gaming headset online in real time and let beyerdynamic build it for you. Go to:


Please contact us at or 631-293-3200 #13


High quality German manufacturing and outstanding audio performance is what you can expect from the full range of beyerdynamic products.