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Marriott 4th Floor ~ 408


Orange, California
United States

PTE manufactures powered (self amplified) speakers and a world class phono preamp.

The Statement is our flagship model one of the best speakers currently manufactured. The Statement is 60"x24"x25" ,430 Lbs, and includes 3 class AB power amplifiers, separate EQ board, 3 power supplies, a TAD 2001 , 15" Tannoy , and a 18" Neo under hung woofer in a sealed alignement. The frequency response measured by ground plane measurement is 20Hz to 21KHz +- 2.5 dB. Statement is $ 60,000 a pair in Rosewood.

The Phoenix is our smaller active speaker.  It measures 28" high, 12" wide and 15" deep and is 75 Lbs. Phoenix is bi-amped and contains 3 130 watt state of the art power amplifiers one for reach driver. It's frequency response measured by ground plane measurement is 32Hz to 20KHz +- 2 dB. Phoenix has balanced and unbalanced imputs, 3 low frequency trim settings, and high frequency trim of +- 2 dB adjustable in .5 dB increments. Phoenix is $ 5,700 a pair in Rosewood. See the rave reviews in Stereo Times and The Audiophile Voice.

       We will be demonstrating the new Phoenix SG an evolution of the original Phoenix powered high output audiophile monitor $ 9,500. See the the review in the September issue of Positive Feedback

The MMMC-R  Phono preamp features a state of the art power supply and separate circuits for MM and MC. Extensive user adjustable loading is included. The A weighted signal to noise is as follows MM 85.5 db, MC 77.1db. Channel matching is .1 db. hand selected parts are matched in assembly to insure acurate RIAA tracking and channel matching. The MMMC-R is class B in the recent Stereophile Recommended components. The upgraded R model was described as "Tube Like" . This is a fabulous Phono preamp and a bargain at $ 1,595.