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Angel City Audio
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Marriott 4th Floor ~ 442
Marriott 5th Floor ~ 565

Angel City Audio

Angel City Audio
Rancho Cucamonga, California
United States

Angel City Audio ascended from the passion of audio enthusiast Hugh Nguyen. We are the exclusive North America distributor for Onix, England and Melody Valve Hi-Fi, Australia, and have an exclusive network of dealers throughout the United States.

Because Angel City Audio shares your passion for music and all things audio, we are dedicated to bringing you the best values for your home audio enjoyment. While our products exude great quality and performance, we also understand that audio equipment need not be visually detrimental. Therefore, our products will please your eyes as much as they will your ears.

We carry all Melody products including speakers, CD players, tube amps, tube pre-amps, cables, speaker stands, and other accessories.

Recently, we have designed and produced our own line of speakers, the Angel City Audio Trinity. We originally developed the Trinity Center to assist current owners of Onix Reference 3 speakers elevate their home theater performance. However, once we fine-tuned the Trinity Center, we became even more ambitious and wanted to elevate our goal to another realm of performance. Hence, we decided to develop matching left/right speakers, the Trinity Monitors.

Afterall, home theater utopia begins with all matching speakers to provide the audio purity we all strive for. The Trinity line is conceived, engineered, designed, and assembled right here in the United States.