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Onedof LLC
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Onedof LLC

Onedof LLC
Littleton, Colorado
United States

ONEDOF™ is a revolutionary belt driven turntable designed by a NASA-award winning aerospace engineer Aleks Bakman. The result is pristine, unspoiled sound. The turntable features:

· The first turntable in history with self-centering platter bearing in a non-resonant liquid suspension. The platter spindle instability, a never before addressed cause of acoustic distortion, is eliminated.
· The noise canceling drive with on-the-fly vertical motor position adjustment. This adjustment eliminates distortions related to the vertical drive belt position. The drive is based on a Texas Instruments’ microprocessor; it is a product of most advanced Swiss craftsmanship and innovative American engineering.
· Synchronous motor with coreless skewed winding that eliminates cogging and provides torque ripple free operation.
· 50 lb aluminum high quality alloy platter with internal liquid damping.
· Tonearm tower with continuous, smooth yet solid on-the-fly Vertical Tracking Angle adjustment of over three inches.
· Enough space to accommodate three tonearms.