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Sonore by Simple Design
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Sonore by Simple Design

Sonore by Simple Design
Miami Lakes, Florida
United States

WHAT WE DO: We offer a select line of products to improve your computer audio listening experience.


The Sonore Rendu is an audiophile audio player with Ethernet input and SPDIF or SPDIF/i2s output. The Rendu is intended to operate in combination with a DLNA server running on your PC, Mac or NAS. You then control the Rendu from your hand held mobile device application. 

The Sonore Sonic Orbiter is an audiophile audio player with Ethernet input and USB output. The Sonore Sonic Orbiter automatically shows up on Logitech Media Server (LMS) running on your PC or Mac. It also works with LMS running a Vortexbox appliance or a NAS such as the Synology. Just run LMS, load your library, and LMS automatically outputs to the Sonore Sonic Orbiter. It's very simple to use and if you know how to use LMS you already know how to use the Sonore Sonic Orbiter.