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Teresonic LLC
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Teresonic LLC

Teresonic LLC
San Jose, California
United States

Teresonic®, based in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, designs and manufactures ultra high-performance speakers using Lowther drivers. Over 100dB of pure, natural sound – 10 times more sound per Watt than other speakers, and big sound even from 2Watts tubes. Regarded as “one of the world best speakers at any price…” and “one of the best Lowther designs ever…”


All Teresonic cables provide space grade shielding which offers the ultimate in signal protection. No EMI, RFI, or mechanical interferences (e.g. vibrations) will ever touch your music again. Combine space grade shielding and ultra high performance with signal speeds of up to 97% of the speed of light and you get “audio cables that are the best kept secret in the audio business…”