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Dynamic Sounds Associates, LLC
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Marriott Exhibitor Booths ~ EVERGREEN B,C - F
Marriott Tower - Level 8 ~ 8012

Dynamic Sounds Associates, LLC

Dynamic Sounds Associates, LLC
Naples, Florida
United States


Dedicated audiophiles who have experienced components designed and manufactured by Dynamic Sounds Associates rave about the dramatic sonic improvement they enjoy. Ironically, the intense research and relentless engineering efforts that distinguish a DSA design are about only one thing: contributing to the journey from musical source to final expression without leaving any sonic imprint. A lofty goal… but consistently realized in every product we make. This year at RMAF, it is our pleasure to officially announce the debut of the Phono II - "the ultimate experience in Phono Preamplification." While building on the much-heralded performance of the Phono-ONE, the new model directly addresses the valued feedback we have received from our enthusiasts. As with all DSA components, the Phono II is of solid state design, assuring consistent performance and reliability. What appears as classic design is fully in service to the ease of operation and versatility that this stand alone phono pre-amplifier generously provides.