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True Audiophile
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True Audiophile

True Audiophile
Santa Monica, California
United States

True Audiophile is dedicated to bringing the most spectacular audiophile level products to consumers at pricing they can afford. Each brand is carefully selected to be the best option in its price range for superior performance and a lifetime of enjoyment

We are the exclusive North American Importer and Distributor for:

AUDION - hand built in by English craftsman with precision point to point wiring. Audion winds their own transformer, does their own powder coating and electroplating. They use the best parts from Europe and America and avoid Chinese components at all costs. The people who own these products rarely resell them and there are lifelong Audion fans with some people even getting Audion tattoos.

We will have on demo components that represent the three levels of Audion with the the Sterling EL34, Silver Night 300B and the ultimate - Golden Dream 300B level 8. Audion will be in 2 rooms at the show.

ZINGALI high efficiency speakers - old world craftsmanship by Italian artisans make these renown speakers in Aprilia Italy. Zingali is know for their OmniRay horn design that sounds like no other horn speaker in the world. Honed from a solid piece of wood with a patented process these horns radiate 360 degrees with an angle dispersion of up to 140 degree - there is no head vice or narrow beamed sweet spot.

Imagining has to be witnessed to be believed. From the entry level brand new Zero series all the way up to the astounding Autographica 15" 2-way these are special speakers in a world of mee-too designs both in performance and look.

We will have the North American premier of the Zingali Zero and the flagship Autographica in 2 different rooms at RMAF