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Musical Concepts/Musical Design
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Musical Concepts/Musical Design

Musical Concepts/Musical Design
Saint Peters, Missouri
United States

Musical Concepts was created by John Hillig in 1979 to perform upgrades and offer select modifications to audio products for companies such as Hafler, Adcom, B&K, and Dynaco. The knowledge and experience gained led to the creation of Musical Design in 1989. Musical Design builds new products from the 'ground up'. With Musical Design John sought to create 'modern classics', “superbly natural sounding” high quality products including amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and DACs based on proven design concepts. Having performed upgrades and modification on a wide variety of high-end products, John developed a keen insight into what makes a product reliable, robust, and sound musical to the end user. John has leveraged his 30+ years of hands on experience to craft affordable audiophile components that push the performance envelope and are considered state of the art in design and execution.

Musical Concepts offers custom crafted products, some in kit form, at an entry level and with Elite and Elite Ultra upgrades which allow a person to enter the market with a solid platform that can be upgraded as finances permit. This approach to marketing emphasizes value and real world products that can be brought up to the latest state of the art in sound and value. This two tier approach to produce new products under the Musical Design banner and also offer custom upgrades and high-end modifications under the Musical Concepts banner allows John Hillig to serve most audiophile needs and desires.