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BorderPatrol Audio Electronics
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Marriott 4th Floor ~ 431
Marriott Tower - Level 11 ~ 1102

BorderPatrol Audio Electronics

BorderPatrol Audio Electronics
White Plains, Maryland
United States

This year BorderPatrol will be exhibiting with Volti Audio in Room 1102 and Snake River Audio/Sonist in Room 431. We will also be providing electronics and loudspeakers to The Audio Beat for their system set-up seminar.

BorderPatrol design and manufacturer state of the art tube audio electronics. Central to all BorderPatrol designs are the sophisticated external power supply units that give the amplifiers a dynamism, energy and vitality not found in other tube electronics.

In Room 1102 the BorderPatrol S20 EXD dual-mono Parallel SET; 18W/ch with twin external power supply units will be driving the superb Volti Vittora loudspeaker. A BorderPatrol Control Unit EXD triode line-stage pre-amp, with tube rectified, choke input filter PSU, and a BorderPatrol DAC2; a no-over-sampling DAC, with 6SN7 tube output stage in a hardwood chassis with an external tube rectified choke input filter PSU, will complete the system.

Volti Audio is a custom speaker manufacturer located in Benton, Maine. The Volti Audio Vittora speakers with their high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, good tonal balance, high resolution and good integration are a great match for the BorderPatrol triode electronics. The BorderPatrol/Volti combination has been universally acclaimed by from press and public alike at previous shows.

In Room 431 a BorderPatrol P21; 20W/ch push-pull with integrated volume control and external PSU will be used with Sonist Loudspeakers and a Baetis music server. Snake Rivers deluxe range of handmade cables will make all the right connections. The Sonist Concerto 4 with 97dB/W sensitivity promises to be a great match with the BorderPatrol P21.

We will also be supplying a BorderPatrol P21 EXD; 20W/ch push-pull with integrated volume control and external PSU to The Audio Beat to use with Living Voice loudspeakers in the equipment set-up seminar they will be hosting.