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High Water Sound
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Marriott 5th Floor ~ 589
Marriott 5th Floor ~ 593
Marriott 5th Floor ~ 589

High Water Sound

High Water Sound
New York, New York
United States

HWS is pleased to announced the North American debut of two new TW Acustic turntables. The new entry to TW: the Raven .5 and, the ultimate TW Acustic Black Knight. Thomas Woschnick, the owner and creator of TW Acustic will be running one of the rooms.

HWS is also proud to present the world premier of the Tron Voyager reference and the North American premier of the Tron Telestar 211 reference.

Products HWS will be showing by manufacturer are:

Tron - Syren reference preamp Mk 3, Seven Reference Linestage Mk 3, Seven Reference Phono Mk 3, Seven Mono Reference, Discovery 300B ultimate, Telestar 211 reference, Tron Voyager reference.

TW Acustic:

Raven .5, Raven One, Raven Two, Black Knight.


Aristotles Zigma, Horning Eufrodite Mk 3.

Our friends from Chimera Labs and WSS Kables will be providing cables for both rooms.