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Marriott Mezzanine Level ~ Longs Peak


San Juan Capistrano, California
United States

THE BENEFITS OF HIGH FIDELITY If you're passionate about tone, timbre, pitch, and the blending of complex harmonic structures and instrumental textures that forms the whole; if you care about every nuance in the sounds produced by the instrumentalist or vocalist, along with natural (un-hyped) rhythmic drive; if you are passionate about the emotional response produced by music, then you will want an accurate presentation, you need to hear a well balanced audio system. ON A HIGHER NOTE, LLC On A Higher Note, LLC is a premier distributor of high-end audio components in the United States. Founded in 2001, OAHN set out to distribute products from manufacturers of synergistic high-end audio components across the globe to high-end audio dealers within the United States. We distribute Luxman electronics from Japan, Vivid Audio loudspeakers from South Africa, Brinkmann Audio; electronics & turntables from Germany.