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Merlin Music Systems
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Merlin Music Systems

Merlin Music Systems
Hemlock, New York
United States

  • Merlin Music Systems has been a manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers since 1982. Bobby A. Palkovic is the company president and chief designer with 29 years of experience in the field and is 51 years old. Bill Hooper is company secretary and cabinet maker/designer with 31 years experience and is 56 years old. Both are professional ex-musicians with recording studio experience. Bill has also been a professional sound technician for the past 23 years, mixing live concerts, nightclub engagements, and theatrical events. Between the two of them, they have worked in all facets of sound reproduction.

  • Merlin products are sold worldwide. Although our speakers are sold at a premium price (due to destination charges etc.), consumers around the world still find our products an excellent value and well worth the added expense.

  • Since showing the first VSM at the Chicago CES in 1994, Merlin speaker systems have received in excess of 70 "Best of Show" accolades from different conventions around the world.

  • The VSM and TSM have been reviewed more than 20 times world wide.Over 30 reviewers, editors, and publishers have purchased Merlin speakers.

  • Merlin speakers systems are also used in recording studios and music production facilities worldwide.

  • Merlin has an excellent reputation for customer service -- You can actually talk to us


As We See It,

It is Merlin’s contention that to make a world class product it takes years of refinement. Therefore, we do not share our industry’s enthusiasm for the "what’s new" syndrome. Most products hit the market far too early in their development and subsequently use the consumer as its testing ground. We refer to this as production prototyping.

At Merlin Music Systems we manufacture two speaker systems. They have been developed and then refined over a nine year period. Our goal is to manufacture benchmark designs that YOU can trust for their integrity. To be a benchmark, a speaker must sit on the fence of neutrality. It must possess exceptional test performance so it does not impose its will on the products connected to it. Once this is achieved, a lengthy refinement process is begun which massages the sound into a final product. Merlin Music Systems chooses to manufacture cost no object designs which allows us to utilize advancing technologies. Remember: to attain exceptional sound the product must possess exceptional performance potential.

Why Should You Buy Our Product?

Our appearance is not trendy. Our speakers will look as fresh in twenty years as they do today. Our technical design and sound are so advanced that it will take other manufacturers years to catch up to us (if ever) because they are governed by price points and we are not.

A truly great design does not come with an expiration date!

...Merlin Music System