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Marriott Tower - Level 9 ~ 9000
Marriott Exhibitor Booths ~ EVERGREEN B,C - I
Marriott Exhibitor Booths ~ EVERGREEN B,C - J
Marriott Tower - Level 9 ~ 9000


Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

It's simple:

Kick-ass performance, ridiculous bang for the buck.

Odysseyaudio products are completely hand crafted in the USA, from hand populating, to hand soldering, to individual parts matching, to 5 step QC processes. Every step is done in-house, including CNC metal machining. Our products are all based on the legendary German Symphonic Line designs, with a resulting 70 - 75 % savings for our customers, starting with $ 895, 2 x 110 W, highly awarded amplifiers .

Our goal is simply to turn the common belief, that real high end audio is expensive, upside down, and then shatter it. Over 3,500 customers so far attest to it. Rumors and hype are one thing, but the proof is in the famous pudding.