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Marriott Exhibitor Booths ~ EVERGREEN B,C - S
Marriott Exhibitor Booths ~ EVERGREEN B,C - K

Reference Recordings

Reference Recordings
San Francisco, California
United States

RR is proud to offer the world’s finest recordings in high quality formats; 200 gram LPs, HDCD compact discs, hybrid SACDs, HRx data discs at 176.4/24 bits, and high resolution downloads available from We believe that how a recording sounds is as important as the music itself.

Grammy Award winner 'Prof.' Keith O. Johnson, our chief engineer and Technical Director, is a true audio legend, having designed and patented many innovative products in the professional and consumer fields. The RR Sound comes from his singular methods and equipment, hand-built, or extensively modified by him as he captures the musical forces within the performing space. Our goal is to recreate the sound of real musicians making music in real space.

Since 1976, "The Best Seat in the House"