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Avalon Acoustics
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Avalon Acoustics

Avalon Acoustics
Boulder, Colorado
United States

Recognized as the leading designer and manufacturer of the world's finest high resolution transducers, Avalon Acoustics offers a broad price range of products, each state of the art design created for the specific demands of two-channel, home theater, and pro audio applications.  

Utilizing proprietary crossover technologies and drivers consisting of the lightest and most inert diaphragm materials of Nomex/Kevlar, ceramic, and diamond, Avalon Acoustics loudspeakers can instantly respond to the most demanding musical passages. Multiple layering and material usage in our legendary cabinet construction eliminates cabinet resonance allowing for a continuous musical flow like no other loudspeaker.

Avalon Acoustics loudspeakers are designed and built to the highest standards in the audio industry. Hand assembled in Boulder, Colorado by dedicated craftsmen and technicians, each loudspeaker is measured and matched for perfect symmetry and coherency. Before leaving the factory our masterpieces are subjected to a demanding array of quality control and testing procedures to assure flawless and consistent performance.