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Gold Sound
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Marriott Main Lobby ~ Conifer 3

Gold Sound

Gold Sound
Englewood, Colorado
United States

Gold Sound New Products, CONIFER 3

Gold Sound, Denver's high-value audiophile dealer since 1976, has U.S. premieres of new Focal speakers, plus Cambridge electronics. Focal, Europe's leading high end speaker manufacturer, is introducing the 900 Aria line of speakers, which replaces the older 800V & 800W lines. Other new Focal models include the 726 tower speakers; the 706 bookshelf speakers; & the XS Book self-powered compact  multimedia speaker with wireless inputs; and new Spirit headphone models

New Cambridge Audio models include their best & most powerful separate components, the 851W power amp & the matching 851E preamp, plus the Minx X1. We will display Cambridge Audio British-designed integrated amplifier & CD players, plus Solid Tech equipment stands from Sweden, plus Siltech & Crystal interconnects & speaker cables, all with lifetime warranties, from Holland.

You can listen to VPI's renowned Classic, the most popular U.S. made turntable. Mat Weisfeld, VPI's president, can answer your turntable questions. You can hear phono preamps including the award-winning Parasound JC3 & Cambridge 651P. You can hear the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Audio Plus in a very affordable system  will have several factory personnel to answer questions about Focal, Cambridge,Crystal, Siltech or Solid Tech.  

U.S. Premiers:

 1] FOCAL 948, Tower speakers, $4800/pair 
The 948 are Focal's best model in the new Aria 900 line. This 3-way, high-efficiency, bass reflex tower features Focal's new flax-cone drivers for the double 8" woofers & 6.5" midrange. Flax has superlative mechanical charecteristics: low elasticity, similar to carbon fiber; rigidity close to Kevlar, with far less mass than Kevlar. The 1" aluminum-magnesium inverted domes are also a new design. Specifications: 50-350 watts recommended amplifier power; 92.5db efficiency; 8 ohm; 37hz-28khz+3db; frequency response; 31hz, -6db; 280hz & 2800hz crossover; 45x15x17" [1150x371x420mm]; 77 lbs [35kg] each; 5 year warranty; manufactured in France.

2] FOCAL XS BOOK WIRELESS, Powered speakers, $400/pair 
The Focal XS Book has had rave reviews. The Wireless model adds a bluetooth input, while retaining the RCA stereo inputs. Both XS Book models include an internal 20W/ch amplifier, a 4" [100mm] polyglas woofer & 3/4"[19mm] aluminum dome tweeter. a 900 line. This compact speaker is only 11x4.5x8" [281x11x200mm] & 5.5 lbs. [2.5kg] each. Other specifications: 50-22khz +3db; 44hz, -6db; 3000hz crossover.

3] CAMBRIDGE 851W, Power amplifier, $2500, 
The best Cambridge power amp. Stereo power: 200 watts/ch, 8 ohm; 350 watts / ch, 4 ohm; Mono power: 500 watts, 8 ohm; 800 watts, 4 ohm;  with  Cambridge Audio's proprietary Class XD dual mono topology for best performance & efficiency. Audiophile-grade oversize transformer for power amplification to drive demanding speakers with ease. Second toroidal transformer for the driver stage. XLR balanced & RCA inputs.

4] CAMBRIDGE 851E, Preamplifier, $1800
High performance IC volume control, replaces relay & offers accurate volume control & channel balance without annoying clicks! The 851A's class leading customisable interface alows inputs to be renamed, making the 851A easy for anyone to use. Two pairs of speaker terminals for biwiring or to drive a second pair of speakers. Black or silver brushed aluminum front panel. RS232 control allows integration with multi-room installs.  
Remote control

5] CAMBRIDGE Minx Xi, Integrated amp / streamer, $899. This versatile, audiophile-quality integrated amplifier includes inputs for RCA Analog, Digital [two USB & RCA], wireless bluetooth, plus ethernet. The torroidal transformer provides better quality sound. The amplifier has 40 watts / channel / 8 ohms, plus outputs for headphones & a subwoofer.   

6] VPI 3D TONEARM.    

VPI, the leading U.S. turntable manufacturer, is introducing a new 3D Uni-pivot tonearm made from epoxy for lower resonance & superior rigidity. The 3D tonearm is available in 10" and 12" models that are direct replacements for most VPI models. This new tonearm has exceptional imaging. 

GOLD SOUND, 4285 South Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113  303 789-5310  contact person, Ron Gold