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Linkwitz Lab
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Marriott 4th Floor ~ 418

Linkwitz Lab

Linkwitz Lab
Corte Madera, California
United States

Research and development at LINKWITZ LAB is focused upon accurate recording and rendering of an acoustic scene in stereo as it might have been experienced at a live event. Loudspeaker and listening room issues have been resolved by the unique LX521 constant directivity monitors and their specific setup in the room. Excellent recordings impress with clarity over wide ranges of dynamics and with spatial relationships between instruments and venue. Issues become apparent with lesser quality stereo recordings, can be understood and therefore could be avoided by using different recording techniques and tools.

LINKWITZ LAB offers detailed design information for DIY construction of LX521, ORION and PLUTO loudspeakers and their electronic crossover/equalizers. MADISOUND provides all the drivers and essential subassemblies for the LX521 monitor construction.