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2020 RMAF Canceled read more »
2020 RMAF Cancelled read more »

Bryston Announces the NEW BDA-3.14 DAC/Streamer

Date: 08/29/2019

Bryston digital audio systems keep getting better. We’ve just combined the powerful bit-perfect digital playback engine found in our award-winning BDP digital players with the best DAC we’ve ever built. The internal player is coupled to the high-resolution DACs by I²S— the ideal interface for digital audio. The BDP half can play high resolution music from all of your favorite sources including Qobuz, Tidal, USB attached drives, network attached storage, and even Roon. With support for PCM up to 192/24 and dual rate DSD, your tunes will never sound more clear. Player firmware has been updated to provide full control over the whole system including playback of the internal player, input switching for access to other connected digital sources, and even volume control so you can integrate the BDA-3.14 into your system without a separate preamplifier! Bryston’s amazingly clear bitperfect digital audio technology is now bundled into one killer system. We proudly introduce the BDA-3.14!