Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
September 6-8, 2019
Denver, CO
Fri-Sat: 10-6, Sun: 10-4

Exhibitor Admin

RMAF Office: Registration Desk outside of Aurora Exhibit Hall 2 from 9am to 6pm.

Exhibitor Set-up and Breakdown Hours

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 – Set-up opens at 9am.
All furniture, based upon exhibitor furniture forms, will be in your exhibitor space. If there is a problem, please see the Volunteer staff in the red RMAF shirts.

Exhibit Room Keys: Go to the desk across from the Gaylord Rockies Registration Desk for an exhibit room key. Gaylord staff will be available from 9am to 5pm. You will need to be listed on the room key list and have a valid credit card to secure the room. If you are not in an exhibit room, you do not need to check in at this desk. You can also check into your sleeping room at the same time.

Incoming Freight
All freight shipped to Omni Logistics will be in the exhibit rooms when you arrive. If you are transporting your own equipment, please use Service Elevators for floors 3 to 11: elevators are 7' tall, 4' wide and 7'9" deep. Freight Elevators for Level 3 breakout rooms are 10'1" tall, 7'8" wide and 9'5" deep. Please make sure your boxes do not exceed the elevator dimensions. If you need professional assistance unloading your equipment, please contact Omni Logistics (see contact info below) for information and scheduling. There will be a fee associated with this assistance. After unpacking your equipment, Omni Logistics will collect the empty boxes and crates from the hall at the end of set-up day. If you have boxes that need storing after set-up day, please contact Omni Logistics directly. On-site storage is included. Please put all boxes, crates, pallets, etc. that you need to store in the hall and Omni Logistics will store them for no additional fee. If you have an oversized crate or box that will not fit into the on-site storage area or you want your packaging stored off-site, please contact Omni Logistics. Off-site storage is $125 per room and covers all boxes/crates from that room.

Exhibitor and Press Name Badges can be picked up after 10am at the RMAF Registration Desk outside of Aurora Exhibition Hall 2, Convention Center Level 2.

Sunday, September 8, 2019 – Show closes at 4pm and breakdown begins.
All shipping paperwork must be filled out in advance. Omni Logistics will begin returning all stored containers at 4pm. Omni Logistics will begin loading outbound shipments at 9pm. They have priority access to the loading docks. Everything must be out of the rooms by midnight, September 8, 2019 for all rooms. If not, the Gaylord will charge your credit card for an extra day.

Hotel Reservations

Gaylord Rockies
Additional Accommodations

Shipping Information

Omni Logistics
4555 Geneva St., Denver, CO 80238
Telephone: 385-215-7025 Fax: 385-215-7032 Email: [email protected]
Click Here to go directly to the Omni Logistics Website
Shipping Instructions 2019

Press List

Click Here to Download Current Press List

Sponsorship Opportunities

Click here to view various sponsorship opportunities

Internet Access

Complimentary Wireless Internet is available in the Gaylord lobby. It is not available outside any of the meeting space areas or inside any meeting rooms. The internet access is provided by the Gaylord. Wireless access is available in all standard rooms for no charge.

Rental Information

Little Eden Plantscaping
15550 W 72nd Ave., Arvada, CO 80007-7579
(303) 422-3336, (303) 423-4145 fax

Pipe and Drape
Butler Rents
Contacts: Julie Parker, [email protected] or Barb Wyatt, [email protected]
4455 E Virginia Ave., Denver, CO 80246-1512
(303) 388-5971, (303) 388-6819
Faxed Order must be completed by Tuesday, September 18, 2018. Click Here for Butler Rents Online Catalog.

Sales Tax Forms:

All sales at RMAF must include sales tax for the State of Colorado, Adams County (same form) and the City of Aurora. Both Aurora and Colorado require a Special Event completed application form. Colorado's fee is $8 and Aurora does not have a fee. Colorado's state tax rate is 2.9% and the RTD tax rate is 1% plus the Cultural Facilities District tax rate is .1%. Adams County sales tax is .75% and Aurora sales tax is 3.75%. The combined rate is 8.5% and both application and payment must be submitted no later than Monday, October 7, 2019. Below are links to information and forms that must be filled out and sent in with your tax payment.

Colorado State Tax
Colorado Department of Revenue, Vendor Special Event License Application for Single or Multiple Events.
Colorado Department of Revenue, Special Event Sales Tax Return. If you have questions about either form, please call (303) 238-7378.

Aurora City Tax
City of Aurora Temporary Retail Business/Sales Tax License. If you have questions about this form, please call (720) 913-9446. Aurora Website: Click on the Special Event Sales Tax option to download the current packet.