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PS Audio Introduces the Giant-Killer Stellar Phono Preamplifier!

Date: 08/06/2019

Redefining record collections, one disc at a time.

Boulder, CO: 8/6/2019-----PS Audio's first product way back in 1974 was a phono preamplifier that outperformed and replaced far more expensive units. Since then, we've offered a number of excellent phono preamps--- but the new Stellar Phono Preamplifier is the best we've ever made.

Designer Darren Myers rejected the common, cost-cutting techniques of phono preamp design: the Stellar Phono Preamp uses no ICs in the signal path, instead featuring all-discrete FETs and hand-selected premium components in a Class A circuit with passive RIAA equalization. 

In addition, the Stellar Phono Preamp has both fixed and variable loading for moving coil cartridges, fully adjustable from the remote control. The unit's ultra-low noise allows the use of MC cartridges with output as low as 0.15 mV. Two different tonearms can be selected via the remote, with either single-ended or balanced outputs. A massive, heavily-regulated power supply and full DC coupling allow the unit to provide up to 20V rms output for powerful bass and unrestricted headroom and dynamics.

The Stellar Phono Preamp is a classic example of the PS Audio ethos: superb musical performance at a price far less than your ears would indicate. Darren talks about his design goals and methods in this brief video. Bring on the standard phono pre recommendations---and then try the new Stellar Phono Preamplifier. We think you'll be shocked, and impressed.


  • Moving Magnet and Moving Coil preamplifier
  • Fixed and variable cartridge loading adjustable from remote control
  • Up to 70dB of ultra low noise gain for MC cartridges as low as 0.15mv
  • Two inputs for two tonearms selectable from remote control
  • Single ended and balanced outputs
  • All discrete FET design
  • Class A analog circuitry throughout
  • No ICs in signal path
  • Up to 20V rms output for unparaleled headroom and dynamics
  • Passive RIAA curve for seamless performance
  • Hand selected premium discrete components
  • DC coupled from input to output for unfettered bass
  • Ultra low noise discrete pre and post voltage regulation stages
  • Low internal feedback for increased transparency and openness
  • No complimentary FET transistors for lifelike performance
  • High current oversized power transformer
  • Remote control
  • Front panel standby button

Available to ship September, 2019. Come see and hear the Stellar Phono Preamplifier at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, and request review units now!
US MSRP: $2,499.