Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
September 6-8, 2019
Denver, CO
Fri-Sat: 10-6, Sun: 10-4


Okki Nokki ONE
Model: ONE
Manufacturer: Okki Nokki
Category: Accessories
Subcategory: Tweaks
The latest record cleaner design from the fertile mind of Johan Bezem.  
Optical Module
Model: Optical Module
Manufacturer: SONORE
Category: Other
The Sonore opticalModule is a bi-directional fiber media converter orFMC. The opticalModule has an Sread more »FP fiber optic transceiver on one side andan RJ45 connector on the other side. The unit can be used read less  
Optical Rendu
Model: OpticalRendu
Manufacturer: SONORE
Category: Digital
Subcategory: Player
The Sonore opticalRendu project is an extension of the microRendu andultraRendu projects that came bread more »efore it. The design is inspired by audiophilegear and meant to bring grace and simplicity to a micr read less  
Orchestra Black
Exhibitor: Bluebird Music
Model: Orchestra Black
Manufacturer: Jadis Electronics
Category: Integrateds
Subcategory: None
The new Orchestra Black is a brand new model built specifically for the US market. It is a 40 watt iread more »ntegrated, with uprated 6CA7 tubes and a stylish new black faceplate. We’ve saved a bit on co read less